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Choosing a builder for your new pool can be an easy decision when you follow these guidelines...


Look For Longevity In The Business


Being in business for many years says a lot about the builder. Builders that continuously fail to meet or exceed their customers' expectations don't stay in business for long. Longevity indicates that the company has achieved a high level of stability in the management and operation of the company and the delivery of their service.


Rainey Pool Company has been building pools in the Texas Gulf Coast area for thirty-seven years. They are the largest independently owned swimming pool builder in the area.


Ask About The Builder's Reputation


Reputation is the strongest reference a builder can have. It can either make or break a builder. Pool owners have high expectations and are not shy about sharing their experience when asked.


Rainey Pool Company has built over 2,500 pools in the Texas Gulf Coast area in the past twenty years. We have over 2,500 clients who trusted us to fulfill their dream of owning a pool. Does the builder belong to any industry organization or guild and build to industry standards?


One of the missions of an industry organization is to protect the reputation of the industry and to support its members. Industry organizations are very protective of their reputation, which is why have established policies for their members. Builders who belong to organizations or guilds have to maintain the highest levels of professionalism to retain their membership. Rainey Pool Company belongs to The Master Pools Guild and the National Spa & Pool Institute.

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